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Revive Your Roof: The Benefits of Reactiv8® Shingle Rejuvenation by Roof Restart

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Asphalt shingles are supposed to last for 20-30 years. Most home owners end up replacing their roof well before that. The solution is here with Reactiv8 shingle rejuvenation brought to you by Roof Restart. Our proprietary solution penetrates dried-out shingles to replenish the oils in the asphalt and secure granules, bringing them "back to life".

Not only does Reactiv8 restore the waterproofing and UV protection capabilities of your shingles, but it also eliminates common issues such as cracking, fading, and curling. The flexibility of your shingles is restored, extending the life of your roof indefinitely.

Reactiv8 is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, saving millions of tonnes of shingles from ending up in landfills each year. Each application lasts up to 5 years, and the product can be reapplied as needed, extending the life of your roof for as little as three simple applications.

Don't waste your money on costly roof replacements every 15 years. Revive your roof with Reactiv8 shingle rejuvenation by Roof Restart and enjoy a longer-lasting, more sustainable solution. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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