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Revitalize Your Roof with Roof Restart's Revolutionary Rejuvenation Services

Your roof, a silent guardian standing tall against the elements, deserves more than a periodic replacement. Introducing Roof Restart's groundbreaking solution – the Shingle Rejuvenation Process, powered by our exclusive REACTIV8® formula. Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of frequent roof replacements and embrace a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative that transforms your roof's lifespan.

Why Choose Roof Restart's Shingle Rejuvenation?

  • Extend Roof Lifespan: Our process can add up to 15 years to your roof's life with as few as three simple applications. Save thousands of dollars compared to the conventional approach of replacing your roof every 15 years.

  • Environmental Stewardship: REACTIV8® is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly solution that prevents millions of tons of shingles from ending up in landfills annually. Choosing Roof Restart is choosing sustainability.

  • Northern Virginia Expertise: Tailored for homeowners in the Northern Virginia area, our Shingle Rejuvenation Services are designed to combat the unique challenges posed by the local climate.

The Roof Restart Advantage: How It Works

  1. Thorough Cleaning: We start by removing debris, dirt, and algae to prepare your roof for the REACTIV8® solution. A clean surface ensures maximum penetration and benefits.

  2. REACTIV8® Application: Our specialized team applies the proprietary REACTIV8® solution using state-of-the-art equipment, saturating every inch of your roof. This solution replenishes asphalt oils, sealing your roof from the elements.

  3. Deep Penetration: REACTIV8® soaks into the shingles, reaching the roof deck, and reinforcing the bond between shingle layers. This increases flexibility, preventing asphalt loss and common issues like cracking, fading, and curling.

  4. Structural Reinforcement: The shingles regain structural strength, protecting against water permeation and degradation. The granules become securely bonded, breathing new life into your roof.

Suitable for All Shingle Types:

Our Shingle Rejuvenation Process is compatible with both fiberglass and organic shingles, addressing the common issue of drying oils that lead to shingle deterioration. Don't wait until your shingles crack, curl, and discolor; let Roof Restart slow down the degradation process and restore up to 97% of your roof's waterproofing capabilities.


Roof Restart's Shingle Rejuvenation Process is the smart choice for Northern Virginia homeowners seeking an extended roof lifespan, cost savings, and environmental responsibility. Embrace a roofing solution that goes beyond tradition, bringing your shingles back to life and protecting your home for years to come. Make the wise investment – choose Roof Restart today.

Don't let time weather away your roof. Contact Roof Restart and give your home the protection it deserves!

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